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Nemo bis (vitalap | szerkesztései)
19. sor:
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Please undo the change what you talked about [https://hu.wikibooks.org/wiki/MediaWiki-vita:Licenses here]. We didn't asked (and neither we want to see in the future) any unwanted and unasked changes like those which are sadly frequent on Youtube, Facebook, or DeviantArt nowadays. We are conservative people who used to "progress" with their own speed and we think HuWikiBooks project is quite qood without these kind of "developements" and "helps". We don't want every files of ours to automatic uploaded into commons, and one of our most valued editors wants to leave the project because of this. With thanks: [[User:Gubbubu|Gubbubu]] ([[User talk:Gubbubu|talk]]) 19:02, 16 October 2014 (UTC)
:Hi, I have realized that you have made a change in the Hungarian Wikibooks, which is redirecting the Upload file (hu: Fájlok feltöltése) page to the Commons upload page. I think that nobody asked you for this change and nobody of us wanted it. You have also not consulted nobody of us in advance, and you are also not a contributor to the Hungarian Wikibooks. You may also not have an idea how the Hungarian Wikibooks working. As an editor in Hungarian Wikibooks I can tell you that this change is highly annoying and hindering. A lot of people form outside also sending files to the books I am editing. Have they all know English to upload a file? I think not. For this reason, as the leading Editor in Hungarian Wikibooks I would like to ask you to remove the change, and I also would like to ask you not to make any unsolicited changes in the Hungarian Wikibooks.--[[User:Szegedi László|Szegedi László]] ([[User talk:Szegedi László|talk]]) 09:55, 17 October 2014 (UTC)
::Hello, your request has been received and understood, see also above. However it came too late for the Thursday configuration changes, so it will be satisfied on Tuesday, October 21 instead. I'll update you on hu.books. --[[User:Nemo_bis|Nemo]] 12:17, 17 October 2014 (UTC)
:::I can't find a village pump or any Project: namespace page active on this wiki other than [[Wikikönyvek:Adminisztrátorok üzenőfala]] so I'm copying the discussion above here. If there was any other discussion of the topic, please paste it here. --[[Szerkesztő:Nemo bis|Nemo bis]] ([[Szerkesztővita:Nemo bis|vita]]) 2014. október 18., 23:21 (CEST)