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nincs szerkesztési összefoglaló
Nincs szerkesztési összefoglaló
::Hello, your request has been received and understood, see also above. However it came too late for the Thursday configuration changes, so it will be satisfied on Tuesday, October 21 instead. I'll update you on hu.books. --[[User:Nemo_bis|Nemo]] 12:17, 17 October 2014 (UTC)
:::I can't find a village pump or any Project: namespace page active on this wiki other than [[Wikikönyvek:Adminisztrátorok üzenőfala]] so I'm copying the discussion above here. If there was any other discussion of the topic, please paste it here. --[[Szerkesztő:Nemo bis|Nemo bis]] ([[Szerkesztővita:Nemo bis|vita]]) 2014. október 18., 23:21 (CEST)
::::I've added a question there.
::::# The configuration change to restore local uploads is ready, see [[bugzilla:72231]].
::::# I completely agree that knowing English must not be required to upload files. [https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:UploadWizard?setlang=hu As far as I know everything can be done in Hungarian]. I'd really love if you could [[c:Commons:Upload_Wizard_feedback|report]] what's unavailable in Hungarian that you would need: such errors must be fixed and I'll take care of it. --[[Szerkesztő:Nemo bis|Nemo bis]] ([[Szerkesztővita:Nemo bis|vita]]) 2014. október 19., 14:20 (CEST)